About Polypure

Polypure AS is a world leader in advanced Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) chemicals. We specialize in single oligomer PEG derivatives for the biotech, nanotech and pharmaceutical industries. Our high purity materials are applied in a broad range of research and industrial sectors.

Independently held and headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Polypure continues to operate under its founding principles from 1999. The core team has an impressive track record of innovation and product development, which is the basis of Polypure's class leading products. We are committed to provide our customers the best possible PEG derivatives.

By pursuing customer driven product development coupled to a strategically lean size, we have earned a reputation as a nimble and effective collaborator. Our balance of stability, flexibility and scalability ensures that we deliver on complex projects.

Polypure has the expertise to provide customized products and services for clients seeking specialized solutions in multi-kilo quantities. Our partnerships with Merck, Sigma-Aldrich, Iris Biotech, Wako Chemicals, and DKSH help us serve customers worldwide.

Erik Agner

Erik is the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Polypure. He oversees the strategic direction and growth of Polypure.

Prior to founding Polypure, Erik researched Peptide Chemistry as a PhD fellow at Linkoping University and later as a research scientist at Nycomed/Amersham Health.

His primary focus was short chain peptide research and synthesis. During this time Erik recognized the inherent need for pure high quality materials for increasingly sophisticated pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Beginning in 1999, Erik has built up Polypure’s technical and business capabilities turning the firm into a leader of high quality monodisperse PEG products suitable for demanding applications.

Hailing from Stockholm, he enjoys cross-country skiing, sailing, cycling, and bird watching.

The Team

The international team at Polypure includes innovatives senior and young scientists, and project leaders from the chemistry, analytical and biotech fields. Everyone is involved in the differents processes for all PEG derivatives that are produced in our labs and facilities in Oslo, Norway.

Work language in Polypure is english, making it convenient for external communications, auditing and technology transfer.

These highly skilled and dedicated Polypure employees also share interests in skiing, soccer, running, sailing, trekking, and the wonderful Norwegian outdoors in general.

Polypure AS

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