Defined length PEG as Tracers

PEG oligomers derivatives have a very interesting application as tracers and markers in many fields from anticounterfeiting in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to personalized drugs test signature or identification of oil spillage criminals.

With an oligomer purity over 98%, and less of 1% n-1 present, our defined PEG compounds are easy to detect and give uncompromised identification.

Readily derivatized, they can give endless tracers combinations for many monitoring applications. Thus non-toxic and biocompatible, they are safe and environmentally friendly.

We provide diol, mPEG and Dimethoxy PEG as well as functionalized Diamines, Sulfonates and Phenyl ethers derivatives PEG lengths from n=4 to 12.


. Biocompatible

. Safe, non-toxic

. Easy and clear detection

. Endless tracers combinations


LCMS analysis of polymer PEG400 marked with our Octaethylene glycol (exact MW370 )


LCMS analysis of commercial polymer PEG400 marked with Heptaethylene glycol (MW326) and Decaethylene Glycol (MW458)

Hexaethylene glycol (MW282)
Heptaethylene glycol (MW326)
Decaethylene glycol (MW458)

Tracer combination of hexa-, hepta- and decaethylene glycol

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