The amino function is a highly appreciated functional group. It is more reactive than the corresponding PEG alcohol, and is used to form amide bonds with carboxylic acids. It also acts as a nucleophile, and participates in substitution reactions. 

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  • Boc-amino PEG acid

    PEG amino acids are provided with Boc-protection on the amine functions. This allows acylation of the acid group without risk of polymerisation. The Boc group may be removed at a later stage by treatment with aqueous or organic acids.

  • Fmoc-amino PEG acid

    Fmoc-amino PEG acids are ideal reagents for introducing spacer molecules in for example peptide chemistry. The Fmoc-protection regime is the most utilized in solid phase synthesis, thus allowing the PEG reagent to replace amino acids in automated protocols.

  • Boc-amino PEG amine

    The Boc group is commonly used as temporary protection for the amine. It is stable during normal reaction conditions for amines, and can be deprotected by acid.

  • Azido-PEG

    Azido-PEG amine can be used for synthesis applications where one group must be protected. The azide group is transformed to an amino group by reducing agents.

  • PEG Diamine

    We supply PEG diamines in various lengths. Please inquire for molecular weights.

  • Protected amine

    The amino group requires protection for use in reaction schemes. We supply either Boc- or Fmoc-protection for the derivatives. For alternative protection, please consider our azido-PEG derivatives.

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