The acid function is introduced as a propionic acid moiety, or as a diglycolic acid amide. The former shows an improved stability in the form of NHS.

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  • PEG diacid

    PEG diacids are suitable for dimerisation reactions, where both PEG ends react to identical moieties. For more complex strategies, please inquire for better suited alternatives. For price details click on the name of the product below.

  • Boc-amino PEG acid

    PEG amino acids are provided with Boc-protection on the amine functions. This allows acylation of the acid group without risk of polymerisation. The Boc group may be removed at a later stage by treatment with aqueous or organic acids.

  • Fmoc-amino PEG acid

    Fmoc-amino PEG acids are ideal reagents for introducing spacer molecules in for example peptide chemistry. The Fmoc-protection regime is the most utilized in solid phase synthesis, thus allowing the PEG reagent to replace amino acids in automated protocols.

  • Acid derivatives

    The PEG propionic acids can be supply in derivatized form. We offer a few tert-butyl protected acids and also NHS active ester.

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